Why Us?

Why choose us?

Outlook Property Group is committed to achieving the best outcome for every client. Whether you are looking for a fully qualified and experienced agent to lease and manage one of your most valuable assets or a prospective tenant seeking a dedicated team that will ensure your tenancy is an enjoyment.

The experienced property management team at Outlook Property Group provides an outstanding level of service and will ensure a quality tenant is selected and retained for as long as possible or required depending on your circumstances.

We use one of the most sophisticated yet simple to use cloud based property management software systems called Property Tree. Our system allows automatic emails and SMS alerts sent to tenants once they are 3 days, 5 days and 7 days in arrears. We supplement this automation with telephone calls and reminders to ensure your monthly rental income is paid on time.

We will provide the best marketing exposure for your property in order to source the best possible candidate. Promoting your property on the largest and most successful real estate portal, realestate.com.au as well as more than ten other real estate portals to ensure we capture all possible prospective tenants. Additionally, we are very active within the social media domain which is growing as the demographic continually gets younger.

Our Senior Property Manager has over 15 years residential property management experience in both Melbourne and Sydney. Managing a portfolio capped at 100 properties, Rebecca has the time to give each property the attention required for successful tenant and investment property management. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable in all areas of property management, including VCAT Tribunal Hearings when required. She also prides herself on building strong and long term relationships with our clients. Her strong work ethic, advice and guidance will ensure the best result for the management of your asset.